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Screendesign Schrettl Herbert & Partner

We've designed this website with a flow that reflects the seamless precision our clients expect from their services. Our layout promotes ease of navigation and quick access to essential information, embodying the efficiency and organization that is the hallmark of our client's professional practice.

Goals and Challenges

Engaging and Dynamic Navigation

Our design introduces a rotatable cube feature for a unique and engaging navigation experience. Tackling the technical challenge of embedding this interactive element, we ensured it complements the intuitive flow of the website, reflecting the innovative spirit of our client’s services.

Streamlined Information Architecture

Establishing a clear and logical structure was paramount. We crafted a layout that guides users effortlessly to the information they seek, mirroring the organized and methodical approach our client applies to their business.

Consistent and Professional Aesthetics

We balanced creativity with professionalism, choosing a color scheme and typography that convey trust and expertise. Our design harmonizes aesthetic appeal with the client's brand identity, ensuring a cohesive user experience from the first click.

Screendesign Mockup 2.1.jpg

Additional Work

In addition to the website's structural design, we took extra steps to personalize the client experience by designing bespoke icons. Each icon is meticulously crafted to visually represent the core values and services of our client's firm. These icons serve as an immediate visual reference that encapsulates the unique qualities they bring to their field, enhancing the site’s informative nature with an aesthetic touch that is both meaningful and memorable.

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