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Photo Production by PLANBILD and

VOGELSÄNGER – A Synergy of Creativity

Infinite Possibilities

Studio Productions

At PLANBILD and VOGELSÄNGER, masterful photography and innovative film production merge into a unique creative experience. With an impressive studio space of 12,000 square meters, equipped with over 10,000 props, we provide the perfect backdrop for any type of staging. Our talented team, consisting of experienced interior designers, carpenters, stylists, and CGI artists, specializes in creating stunning sets. Every detail is carefully coordinated to authentically and impressively present each story - a testament to our more than 70 years of experience in the industry.


Louisa was participating in the TV show Germany's next Topmodel in 2010



Model: Louisa Mazzurana


Hair & Makeup: Marisol Prada

Styling (Fashion): Elisabeth Geier


Photo: Nico Gees, Thomas Beckmann, Sven Köllmann

Making-of (Fotos): Jana Winterfeld

Making-of (Film): Sebastian Jaspers


Styling (Interieur): Lisa Speckmann

Assistenz: Mareike Quakernack


Set-Design: Julia Pokrant, Frank Müller

Set-Bau: Vogelsänger Team

Praktikantin: Emily Kühn

Full Story:

The very british project

Where is Elisabeth?

Majestic pomp, complemented by royal grandeur, diva-like eccentricity with an obsession for detail, this is the queen of the Vogelsänger Studios' set constructions!


With a parade of pictures and films, we pay homage to our queen.

Telefon am Schreibtisch
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