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On Air In 3...2...1.

Experience Authenticity in Real-Time: Discover the unparalleled authenticity of live experiences, where every moment is unscripted and genuine. We strive to deliver the best in live streaming for an immersive, unfiltered connection with your audience.

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Moderation, Interviewing,
Live-Direction and Technical-Implementation

Live Feeling

Creating a sense of "being there" without physically being present was our primary goal for the live streaming event at the Kitzbühel Country Club on the occasion of the World Water Day. This event holds special significance for Grander, a company that has centered its business around water for over 40 years. Our focus was on providing customers and interested parties worldwide with seamless and high-quality coverage of the "parlor conversations". 

Interaction with the Viewers

Additionally, it was important for us to offer viewers the opportunity to actively participate in the discussions by engaging in various live connections and posing questions. To build up excitement, various switches and reports were shared on social media platforms throughout the day, preparing the community for the upcoming event.


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